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Listing your property with Great Places to Stay

Great Places to Stay is best suited to unique or boutique accommodation

Features and Benefits of being promoted on Great Places to Stay

There are many benefits to listing with us.

We are an all-Australian, family owned and operated company with great attention to detail – your details, in fact. We aim to provide a personalised service that delivers an excellent product at a fair and reasonable price. Our aim is to showcase your property to your potential guests, providing them with clear and current information. The quality, scope and layout of information presented on” Great Places to Stay” makes finding the right accommodation easy - your location, accommodation type and price are the first facts shown, along with an idyllic photo of your property. Once a visitor has chosen your property to inspect, your contact details are displayed as is a link to your website. And our gallery of photos gives potential guests the chance to sample the beauty and charm of your property.

We believe we offer a “different” service to “Stayz” or “Wotif” etc. Each property that appears on our website has been “hand-picked”. We select properties which we believe fit a certain standard, each property being chosen by a member of our team. Towns have a limited number of properties, thus ensuring a higher percentage of qualified leads. We list your direct contact details – all of them, website and e-mail included. We collect all the data on your listing’s performance and can deliver this routinely or upon request.

And we believe our listing costs represent a “good deal at a good price”. Less than one night’s accommodation in most cases will cover our annual subscription fee. The current cost of a gold subscription equates to less than $5 per week* for the full 12 month period. No booking fees, no percentage commission - one flat fee paid yearly. We are confident you will receive many leads and subsequent bookings from your listing and your outlay will be recovered several times over throughout your listing period.

We are very proud to offer your potential guests a “Great Place to Stay”.

*as at May 2017.

Listing Fees

All enquiries, both booking and general, are made direct to the property. There are no commissions payable nor are there any set-up fees. Updates to property records are encouraged as this keeps your information current and do not attract any additional charges, given that the frequency is not excessive. Prices are listed herein however multiple property discounts are available upon request.

Gold Subscription...

Gold subscriptions are displayed at the top of the page. $240 per year

Our unique “gold subscription” guarantees your property will be displayed in the top category on the page under a dark blue banner. This initial listing page will give a short description of your property, including price and capacity and a click on your photo will direct potential guests to an informative page of selected photos and details expertly showcasing your property. Up to 12 photos of your choice will feature all the reasons why your property is a “Great Place to Stay”. Your website and e-mail address will be displayed with immediate redirect and you can list both land-line and mobile phone numbers, whilst a “Google” map pinpoints your location.Our “property description”, “description of rooms” and “rates” fields give you the opportunity to convey the feel of your property in your own personal style and will allow your potential guests to assess the suitability of your property for their needs.

Silver Subscription

Silver subscriptions are displayed immediately after the Gold subscriptions. $130 per year

A silver subscription will list your property in the second category on our website under a paler blue banner. A brief description will give potential guests a personalised view of your property and will direct potential gueststo a page of up to 6 photos, expertly showcasing your property. You will also see a “Google” map, pin-pointing your location. All of your contact information and website address is displayed here, readily accessible by potential guests.

Bronze Subscription

Bronze subscriptions are displayed after the Gold and Silver subscriptions. $100 per year

A bronze subscription will display a slightly smaller photo than the above two categories and direct potential gueststo a page with basic information. There is no description as per the above two categories but you will be directed to a brief summary page, complete with pin-point “Google” map. There are 2 photos displayed for bronze subscriptions, along with phone, email and website details.

Contact Details

John Clinch

Ormond, Victoria 3204

0407 766 300